Friday, May 3, 2013


Today the Huffington Post did a live program today about "our issue"--the straight wife issue--because of Jason Collins and his girlfriend. They did ask me to appear on the show. I politely apologized after declining, and referred them to several others I thought would be interested.

So here's my issue. I don't want to be a guest on a show every time someone famous comes out and reveals a marriage/relationship with a woman involved who's been injured. I am tired of this being a "celebrity" issue when the media running to us every time someone famous is out or outted. Our cause and all we struggle with only becomes interesting for a "hot flash" when someone famous is involved. Then we have to listen to questions about how come we didn't know because there must have been some obvious signs we missed. It's not bad enough that our lives have been ruined in many cases. On top of that we have to feel that we are "stupid" for making a bad choice.

Once the news fades, we are once again in the shadows of society that has no interest in our point of view or what we have to go through. They never seem to view us with sympathy or compassion. I think it belittles us and all we stand for.

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